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Watch David Lynch’s Election Day Forecast — for Weather, Not Votes

Amid reports of temperatures in the mid-70s, filmmaker says he’s thinking about the Beatles’ “Come Together”

David Lynch marked Election Day 2020 with his personal forecast — not in terms of votes, but the weather, which he’s been tracking regularly on YouTube since May.

The idiosyncratic filmmaker typically keeps his dispatches to the point and did so Tuesday, November 3rd, despite everything else going on in the country. Looking out at an early morning sky in Los Angeles, Lynch reported fog, a slight breeze, and the moon still hanging in the sky.

Lynch did appear to give one nod to the election, saying, “Today, I was thinking strongly about the song ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles.” But after a beat, he continued, “Should be going up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon, around 24 Celsius. And it looks like it’s gonna be cloudy most all the day.”

The forecast ended with a bit of optimism as Lynch added, “Later in the afternoon, we might be seeing some blue skies and golden sunshine for the rest of the way!” With a salute, Lynch signed off, “Everyone, have a great day!”

Back in August, Lynch added a little nod to U.S. postal service workers in his weather report, amid growing concerns that President Donald Trump was trying to undermine the efficacy of the USPS ahead of an election that would rely significantly on mail-in ballots. ”Today, I’m thinking about the postal workers and how much we need and appreciate them,” Lynch said.

Back in January, Lynch released a new short film, What Did Jack Do? in which he plays a hard-boiled cop interrogating a monkey suspected of murder. The project was accompanied by a seven-inch single of music “sung” by the monkey, Jack Cruz.

From Rolling Stone US