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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises ‘Kindergarten Cop’ Cast During Virtual Reunion

Mr. Kimble himself discusses how the 1990 comedy prepared him for fatherhood, his famous “It’s not a tumor” line and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a surprise appearance at a virtual cast reunion featuring the now-grown up stars who played his students in the 1990 comedy Kindergarten Cop.

Hosted by Yahoo Entertainment, the reunion marked the film’s 30th anniversary and featured Christian Cousins (Dominic), Miko Hughes (Joseph), Krystle and Tiffany Mataras (Tina and Rina), Brian Wagner (William) and Adam Wylie (Larry). Mr. Kimble himself, Schwarzenegger, popped up unexpectedly on the Zoom call around the 35:20 minute mark.

On the call, Schwarzenegger said the performance of the kids in the cast “made this movie. That’s what made it endearing, that’s what made it successful, and people wanted to watch it over and over again.” He also spoke about how working with the young actors served as a solid primer for fatherhood (filming took place just months after his then-wife, Maria Shriver, gave birth to their first child, Katherine Schwarzenegger). And he offered some behind-the-scenes details about his famous “It’s not a tumor” line, and how he knew it was going to be a hit with audiences.

“There were certain lines that, because of my accent, the kids were laughing,” Schwarzenegger recalled. “So I would just screaming, ‘It’s not a tumor, it’s not a tumor at all!’ and the kids would be laughing instead of being scared. [Director] Ivan [Reitman] told me, ‘If the kids are laughing at the way you sound, then I think the audience will laugh, too. And this is exactly what happened.”

From Rolling Stone US