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Noodle the Pug Is Officially Cancelled

Is it a Bones Day or No Bones Day? On this week’s Don’t Let This Flop, we decide: who the f*ck cares.

Sorry, Noodle.

Youtube/Today Show

Noodle the Pug has jumped the shark. The 13-year-old dog has become known globally as a bellwether for the national mood, thanks to his owner Jonathan Graziano making TikToks determining whether it will be a “Bones Day” — i.e., if Noodle stands up on his mat — or a No Bones Day (if he falls down).

Noodle’s TikTok account has gone massively viral, spawning parody songs (including a sea shanty) and tweets from various brand accounts; Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards even posted a video inspired by Noodle urging people to get vaccinated. Many have argued that Noodle serves as a welcome distraction from the general feelings of malaise and burnout currently plaguing the nation post-pandemic.

But it’s Noodle’s appearance with Graziano on The Today Show that has really cemented his status as pop culture icon — and also indicates that we may be reaching a Noodle saturation point. “It’s definitely getting into the cheugy side of the internet, the more basic part of it,” says Don’t Let This Flop cohost Brittany Spanos on this week’s episode. “We’re gaslighting, girlbossing, gatekeeping too close to the sun with Noodle. You can tell there’s gonna be Etsy shops that say ‘Bones Day’ or ‘No Bones Day’ on mugs.”


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