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Montaigne Reveals Her Favourite Hidden Gems of Tropical North Queensland

When it comes to exploring the wonders our own country has to offer, you can’t go past the plethora of activities and the serenity of Tropical North Queensland.

Not just known for its pristine beaches and beautiful landscape, visitors to Tropical North QLD are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do and sights to see.

From wandering to waterfalls to taking the plunge on the Great Barrier Reef, there’s truly something for everyone – hence why we enlisted the help of Montaigne to give us her hot tips on what to check out on your next tropical trip.

“I actually went to Tropical North Queensland when I was in high school,” the singer explained.


Montaigne shared her favourite spots across beautiful Tropical North Queensland.

“We went to the Daintree and the Tablelands as well, so I was revisiting a lot of stuff I had seen, but it was so nice to consolidate my childhood memories with who I am now, so that was really cool. I remember being so excited by the area because it was one of the first times I had seen this kind of natural beauty in the flesh.”

“It’s so beautiful – even just walking down the Esplanade and going to look at the big wheel and little gear and the cruise ship going by as the pelicans swim by,” Montaigne said of the popular area, which also features Cairns Lagoon, Muddy’s Playground, and an awesome skate plaza.

“I also drove around at the Atherton Tablelands a little bit, which was nice. I visited the Cathedral Fig Tree, which is breathtaking. I really love a big tree! It’s so humbling.”

Tropical North Queensland is full of natural wonders.

Cairns Canyoning

“It was great!” Montaigne said of her latest adventure in Tropical North Queensland.

“The scariest part for me was jumping into the water after abseiling – you’ve got a like a life jacket on but it’s still intense. It was very, very cool to experience nature like that.”

She added, “It really made me feel like I was communicating with the landscape. Plus, the guides were very lovely and fun and made it like really easy – I’m kind of hydrophobic but they reassured us and had a great group of people for support.”


Whether you love adventure or prefer relaxing by the beach, you’ll love Tropical North Queensland.

Botanic Gardens

“This was the first thing I did when I touched down,” Montaigne explained.

“I love looking at flowers and trees and stuff – I had a walkthrough of everything and took some amazing photos and it was really gorgeous.

“They have a little conservatory that is extremely beautiful – it’s  full of old ferns and palms and basically things that are more or less endangered or that don’t have habitat that’s particularly safe to them anymore, it’s very beautiful, lots of butterflies and cool plants and fish in the pond.”

There’s something for everyone when it comes to this beautiful part of Australia.

Local Eateries

“I ate a lot of really good Asian food – one of my favourite places is this Japanese place called Ganbaranba that does amazing ramen. They do vegan ramen that was the tastiest ramen I’ve ever eaten – it’s really good!” she declared.

“Another one that’s good is Corea Corea – it has fantastic South Korean food. It’s great to walk down the Esplanade during dusk, looking at the big wheel the cruise ships going by – it’s so beautiful!”

Among some of the other dining experiences include the highlands of the Atherton Tablelands, where you’ll find coffee and tea plantations and cattle farms, biodynamic dairies producing milk, cheese and yoghurt, aquaculture farms and distilleries.

Other restaurants proudly showcase their local roots, with native Australian produce like kangaroo, emu and crocodile on the menu and some of the best seafood in the country, caught locally.

With a profusion of experiences and produce, whatever your interests and appetite, you’re unlikely to ever go hungry in Tropical North Queensland.

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