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Autopsy Confirms Gabby Petito’s Death, Lists Initial Cause of Death as Homicide

The Teton County coroner determined her manner of death to be homicide, but exact cause is still being determined

A makeshift memorial for Gabby Petito in Florida.

Octavio Jones/Getty Images

An autopsy has confirmed that a body found in Grand Teton National Park does belong to “van life” blogger Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito.

The FBI’s Denver office confirmed the news on Twitter, writing “Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue confirmed the remains are those of Gabrielle Venora Petito, date of birth March 19, 1999. Coroner Blue’s initial determination for the manner of death is homicide. The cause of death remains pending final autopsy results.”

The autopsy results come as authorities continue to look for Petito’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who has been named a person of interest in Petito’s disappearance. Two months into what was supposed to be a four-month cross-country trip, Laundrie returned to Florida on September 1st without Petito, but with her van. Petito’s family filed a missing person report for her on September 11th after failing to get an answer about her whereabouts from Laundrie. 

Laundrie then lawyered up and refused to speak with police. On September 17th, Laundrie’s parents allowed investigators into their home in North Port, Florida. At that point, the Laundries revealed that they had not seen their son in three days. 

A month before Petito’s disappearance, a police report was filed after the pair got into a fight in Moab, Utah. A person called the police about “some sort of altercation” outside a shop, and while officers pulled them over in their van, they decided the incident had been more of a “mental/emotional health ‘break’ than a domestic assault.” Neither Petito nor Laundrie wanted to file charges against the other, but police still separated them for the night, sending Laundrie to a hotel and leaving Petito with the van.

Petito’s disappearance has also captured the attention of true crime communities on social media, especially TikTok, where videos with the hashtags #findgabby and #gabbypetito generated tens of millions of views.

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