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From Your Garden to Your Plate: The Rising Trend of Self-Sufficiency

In partnership with CANNA, Rolling Stone examines the popular practice of growing your own food at home

Indoor food gardens

Growing your own food is one of the most self-empowering things you can do. Cast your mind back to the panic-buying a few years ago, when people were frantically stockpiling food ahead of the impending COVID lockdowns. Imagine that, instead of this, you had fresh veggies growing at home, ready to pick and eat when ready. It would have been a game-changer, right?

For those of us who would absolutely love to grow our own food but have no clue where to start, Dutch company CANNA develop and supply the nutrients required for growing plants and specialise in hydroponic systems. 

With over 30 years of experience in growing plants, CANNA can help you choose the right system, provide the perfect combination of nutrients, and give you ongoing advice; CANNA will keep your food garden thriving.

Most of us are limited by space, time and money. The great thing about hydroponics is that there are varying methods – ranging in complexity, price and output. Novices can start with low-cost/maintenance setups perfect for growing microgreens and herbs, then scale up to bigger systems that can grow thirstier plants like tomatoes, beans, lettuce, and cucumbers. 

Systems are usually tailored to the space available, the experience of the grower and their time/budget. From small setups that can sit on your windowsill, to large vertical grows and complex outdoor arrays; CANNA have solutions for every kind of hydro setup – including ‘run to waste’, ‘flood and drain’, ‘nutrient film technique’, ‘deep water culture’, ‘aeroponics’, and ‘wicking’.

Don’t know what any of that means? Check out the CANNA website, which is a veritable Mecca for growers – bursting with information, products and features that will take you from a newbie to a guru in no time.

  • All of CANNA’s products are available to purchase from retailers all over the country. To find your nearest retailers, go to www.canna.com.au/user/dealersearch
  • The website also has a dedicated Grow Info section filled with helpful videos, articles, FAQs, downloads, and guides on topics like Growing, Pests and Diseases, and Deficiencies. 
  • Even more information can be found in their free (and downloadable) CANNATalk Magazine – packed with articles, product info, reviews, tips, and giveaways. 
  • Best of all, there is My CANNA: your personalised dashboard from which you can access exclusive downloads, articles and content, based on your specific growing needs.

From the very first visit, it is apparent how much love has gone into the CANNA website. It the perfect environment for learning a new life skill. With food-growing, there is not only joy to be found in its development and mastery, but also in the delicious reward you receive at the end of all your hard work and patience. Plus, growing things is just good for your mental health.

The longer vegetables are off the vine or out of the ground, the more their nutrition diminishes. Ideally, you want to pick and eat immediately, which is exactly what you can do with homegrown food. Of course, you aren’t limited to this. There are many ways to preserve veggies – such as pickling, drying and conserving – that are themselves both delicious to eat and fun to learn.  

It may be a psychological trick, but the food you grow tastes better than the food you buy. Let’s say the secret ingredient is the pride you feel for being independent and unreliant on anyone else to feed yourself or your family. Similarly, with absolute control over the food you grow, you know for a fact that there are no toxic pesticides or other dangerous chemicals in it.  

So whether you are interested in growing plants for the self-sufficiency, the mental health benefits, the nutritional benefits, or just because you want the reassurance of knowing where your food comes from; CANNA share all of that passion, and are ready to get you excited and fully prepared to begin (or expand) your growing journey. 

Simply visit their website, start reading, and get ready to take your life skills to the next level.