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Take DC Supervillains to the Streets with Culture Kings’ Dark New Collection

The new ‘Batman by Culture Kings DC Supervillains’ collection has arrived, bringing the greatest supervillain performance of all time to the streets

Batman by Culture Kings DC Heroes collection

Credit: Culture Kings

The new ‘Batman by Culture Kings “DC Supervillains” collection’ has arrived, bringing the greatest supervillain performance of all time to the streets.

The world famous streetwear brand’s exclusive collection honours the late, great Heath Ledger, who brought the Joker to life like no other actor before or after him.

To celebrate and mark the anniversary of their first multi sell-out collection, Rolling Stone AU/NZ will look at iconic Batman film moments, a character that has transcended its comic book beginnings to become an enduring pop culture figure.

From taking on Heath Ledger to being reborn as Robert Pattinson, the Dark Knight is the ultimate protector of the mean city streets.

Below, we highlight five iconic Batman film moments over the years.

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Batman Begins – I’m Batman!

Christopher Nolan’s warehouse scene is one of the best portrayals of Batman going after Gotham’s bad guys. In a tense nighttime operation led by crime boss Carmine Falcone, Batman shows off his ninja skills by hanging from containers and confronting enemies with both menace and clever one-liners. Christian Bale delivers memorable lines like “Where are you?!” perfectly timed, and then confidently reveals his identity with a straightforward “I’m Batman,” leaving Falcone stunned. This scene is a standout moment in Nolan’s Batman movies, making Bale’s performance truly unforgettable.

 The Dark Knight Rises – The Climb 

One of the most intense and inspiring moments in the Dark Knight trilogy is Bruce Wayne’s climb out of The Pit, known as “the worst Hell on Earth.” After being defeated by Bane and trapped in this dangerous prison, Wayne pushes himself to the limit to break free and protect Gotham City. Overcoming physical and mental challenges, he ultimately takes a leap of faith to rise out of The Pit, encouraged by the chants of fellow prisoners and Hans Zimmer’s powerful score. This pivotal scene signifies a profound moment in Batman’s quest for self-discovery and redemption.

Batman Begins  – Batman Saves Rachel, Stops Scarecrow

The “Bat scene” from Batman Begins is truly iconic. Bruce Wayne’s friend Rachel Dawes gets kidnapped by Scarecrow for probing his crimes. Batman rescues her from a warehouse where Scarecrow is poisoning Gotham’s water. The scene shifts from a rescue to intense combat, involving corrupt police. Batman employs his gadgets, including a bat signal, to distract them and make a daring escape. This moment defines Nolan’s Batman, leaving an indelible mark that’s both unforgettable and timeless.

The Dark Knight – You Complete Me

The Batman and Joker face-off in the interrogation room brims with tension, showcasing Batman’s clash with his top enemy. Joker uses the moment to share his twisted beliefs, pushing Batman to the edge until he reacts physically.

Joker’s manipulation keeps the confrontation going, forcing Batman into a tough spot. When Joker says, “You complete me,” like in Jerry Maguire, it shows how he sees Batman – as both an equal and a strange kind of friend.

The Dark Knight – The Joker Car Chase

Proving that Batman has the coolest transportation, the iconic Batcycle is showcased in all its glory in this scene.

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